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Jack Russell Terrier

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This is an exuberant crowd pleaser and a hyperactive bundle of muscles. It is fun-loving and most often very affectionate. One dog of this breed named Bothy, accompanied Sir Ranulf Fiennes in the 1980's to the north and south poles. Since all dogs have been removed from the Antarctica and none are permitted to go there. This dog has a unique record, it is exceptionally popular in Great Britain and was originally bred to hunt and kill rats. It weighs about 4-7 kgs and is about 25 cms tall.

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Mr.Jayaprakash: Alert Active, Intelligent, Bubbly, Breed - The Jack Russel Terrier - The hero of the movie Mask. Puppies well cared for, home raised for sale. Click here to view litter box. For more details contact: Mr.A.Jayaprakash, 52 b/111, Chettiar Thoppu, Srinivasa Poonga, Melur Road, Srirangam, Trichy. email:; A.Jayaprakash, Ph: 9842496660 (Tamil); B.K.Narayanan, Ph: 9585558908, (English & Hindi)
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