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Breeders and Dog owners when you have a litter of puppies you will want to find the Best Homes for them. Do you ever wonder whether your advertisements for the puppies reach the prospective owner? But when you advertise in Dogs India, anyone, anywhere searching for a particular breed is bound to see your ad - what's better than having advance bookings instead of searching for buyers? There is a Special Facility to showcase your Puppies through the "Litter Box" Get Listed Now and don't miss out!
When you have a litter, you can have a Special advt. in the Puppies Available page. This advt. will remain on the site for three months, so that people visiting the Puppies section will not miss your advertisement. Scroll Down to see Our New Tariff:

Vets & Hospitals: There are many Dog owners in your locality who may not have heard of you, they may need your services very badly. As a Special Offer you can Get Listed Free! Your services are needed.

Animal Welfare Organizations: We at Dogs India appreciate your selfless service to animals. Whether someone is searching for a Pet to adopt, or make a financial contribution, or just offer their time and services, let them find you easily. Get Listed Free.

Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers there are many Dog Owners unaware of all the things available these days in India, for Dogs. In the US and UK, this is a BILLION DOLLAR $$$ industry. Get Listed Now.  Internet visibility should open up a large customer base for you.  

Dog Trainers, Boarding Kennels - Advertise here at a very reasonable rate. A large number of Dog Owners are searching desperately for a reliable trainer, to have an obedient Dog. Desperate Dog owners look for safe boarding kennels when they want to leave town. They may not know about you. Get Listed Now is the one of the Most Visited Doggy sites in India if not The Most Visited site for Information on Dogs in India.

The visitors are not only those who are Dog Show Enthusiasts and Knowledgeable Breeders, but also Dog Lovers who want to gain more info about dogs, especially about choosing one, ownership and most importantly where to get a well bred puppy.

While does not guarantee any sale, Breeders (even if One Time) listing in have always benefited by the wide audience and have been able to successfully sell their puppies to good homes.  

The New Rates (Effective 15th October 2008) for Listing in the Breeders� Directory, Puppies Available Page, Litter Box, Classifieds etc. are given below. For any further assistance please e-mail:

Kindly note the bank collection charges would be charged to the advertisers account when cash is deposited outside Chennai. Hence please include the bank collection charges applicable at that point of time with your banker. We recommend  the payment to be made vide a crossed Demand draft  favouring Dr. Suresh Bhimsingh, payable at Chennai.

Charges for Listing in



Type of Listing



Breeders' Directory

Brief Listing of Important Dogs you own, any Highlights, Address, Phone, E-mail, etc.
Can be linked to your Listing in the Puppies Available Section and if you take the Litter Box Advt. (See Below). This includes Indian Breeds also!

One Year


Puppies Available

Brief Listing in the Puppies Available Page (one of the most visited pages in the site). Puppy and Pedigree details in brief, Address, Phone, E-mail.
Can be linked to the Litter Box Advt. (See Below)

Two Months

For those who are Listed in the Breeders Directory. Every additional Puppies Available Listing will be charged Rs.1000/- No pictures can be posted.

Litter Box

Detailed Listing of Dogs Owned / Housed, Pedigree Details of Dogs, Puppies, Up to 7 Photographs of Sire, Dam, Puppies, etc. Address, Phone, E-mail, etc.

One Year

Rs. 1000/-

Every subsequent Litter Box changes would be charges at the Rate of Rs. 1000/-, as applicable. Updating a photo within the stipulated period would not be charged.

Listing of Trainers & Groomers


One Year

Rs. 2000/-

Listing of
Pet Products / Dog Food / Shops selling Pet Products


One Year

Rs. 3000/-

Listing of Vets & Hospitals

Brief listing with Name, Qualification, Address, Phone & E-mail

As long as you require



Brief Listing of Dogs Lost, �Wanted� Advts. and ONLY those Advts. which offer Dogs or Puppies for adoption, FREE of cost.
NO COMMERCIAL Advertisements!



Banner Advt. to appear in all pages across the site OR Only in Home Page.




  • Puppies available advertisements (only for Breeders and Kennel Owners already listed )
  • Cheques/D.D.'s/  to be made in favour of  Dr. Suresh Bhimsingh
    and sent to: 

Dr. Suresh Bhimsingh
31, B.N. Road,
You can also deposit into ICICI Account. Please contact me for details.

Renewal Fee Rs. 1500/- for one year

  • For Banner Ads and other special advertisements, please contact :
    Dr. Suresh Bhimsingh
    31, B.N. Road,
    Mobile : (0) 98400-98989.  email :

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