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M/s Magic Million Enterprises - Distributors of Royal Canin Imported Dry Dog & Cat Food. Royal Canine's cat food's distinct formulas are a revolutionary nutritional approach based on the knowledge and understanding of your cat's specific needs and will help maintain its optimal health. Royal Canin Size Nutrition is a full line of Royal Canine Dog food's ultra-premium dog food, featuring ten different formulas tailored to the specific nutritional needs of dogs of different ages, sizes and physiologies. Specific formulas for small breeds (under 20 lbs.), medium breeds (20 to 55 lbs.), large breeds (56 to 100 lbs.) and giant breeds (over 100 lbs.). Each food contains the optimum mixture of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals specific to each breed size's nutritional requirements during a particular stage of life. 
Magic Million Enterprises, #51, 7th cross st, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai -600030, India. Ph:0091-(0)44-6260693 / 6214911. Email : 

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Pet's Choice - Dealers for Doggy Products and PURINA Dog Food
Collars, Choke collars, Leashes, Chains, Body Belts, Dog Chews, Bones, Rubber Bones, Musical & Unbreakable RubbarBalls, Bath & Grooming Gloves, Dumbbells, Brushes & Metal combs, Muzzles, Nail-cutters, Steel Bowls, Toys, Books, Soap, Shampoo, Tick-Collars, Coat Conditioners, Vitamin Supplements, Dewormers, Tick-sprays, Food, Feed Supplements, Snacks, "Beware of Dog" Boards, Posters, and all varieties of Imported PURINA DOG FOOD. Please contact: Pet's Choice, Shop # 42, Ground Floor, C-47, II Avenue, Annanagar Plaza, Annanagar, Chennai-600040,
Ph: 044-4956549 E-mail:

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Imported Dog Food
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Your Online ONE STOP Pet Supply/ Accessories Marketplace Finally a one stop pet supply / accessories marketplace in India where you can find dog supplies, bird supplies, cat supplies, and fish supplies with ease. Value for money showcased from many different pet retailers providing you with an effortless online pet supply shopping experience. We deal with Indian and Imported pet accessories like Automatic Feeders , Pet Water fountain, Collars, Choke collars, Leashes, Chains, Body Belts, Dog Chews, Grooming Products, Brushes , Nail-cutters, Steel Bowls, Toys, Pet Beds. We also deal with all leading brands of Dog and Cat Food. Visit us on our website  and shop from the comfort of your home.Tel : 022-3297752, 26510590 E-mail :


The Dolphin Aquarium 
Dealers in Tropical Fishes, Marine fishes, Birds, Fish food, Dog food, Bird food & A to Z Pet accessories,. # 18/51, Muthu Street,Santhome,Chennai-600004. Phone: 044 24642978 Mobile: 9444062297 fax:044-42066632 Email:  Homepage :