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Tibetan Terrier

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This dog was kept as a companion and watch-dog by the Tibetan Monks. It was taken to the West by a British Medical Doctor, Dr. Greig. It makes a wonderful companion, requires little exercise, and is easy to obedience train. It is a good guard dog. It has profuse hair all over its body that requires grooming. It weighs 8-14 kgs and is 36-41 cms tall.

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Breeders' List

Chandrasekaran Offers: Excellent Quality Tibetan Terrier Puppies available for loving homes. De-wormed and vaccinated. Date of Birth: 25th November 2019. Puppies are offered without KCI certificate, but Dam and Sire have excellent conformation to AKC standards and are KCI Registered. Ancient temple dogs which are said to bring good luck to homes. Dam and Sire are from Different Bloodlines. Superbly active, intelligent and socialized; with excellent temperament, loving, loyal and dedicated to owners; raised with utmost care and attention. Click Here to See Litter Box, Photographs of Puppies and Parents.
Please Contact: +91-9443059839, WhatsApp: +91-9445607310
(Listing first posted on 17th January 2020 -  Renewable on 17th January 2021) - Tibetan Terrier - Chandrasekaran