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Tibetan Terrier

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This dog was kept as a companion and watch-dog by the Tibetan Monks. It was taken to the West by a British Medical Doctor, Dr. Greig. It makes a wonderful companion, requires little exercise, and is easy to obedience train. It is a good guard dog. It has profuse hair all over its body that requires grooming. It weighs 8-14 kgs and is 36-41 cms tall.

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Breeders' List

Tibetan Terriers were 'discovered' in India in 1920 and first registered by the KCI as a new breed. When I wanted a Tibetan terrier in 2005, I found India had none. We had quietly lost the breed. So I had to import the sire and dam of this litter. Puppies available from the following combination: Sire: Ch Bakit Swarna Aakarshan. Dam: Allegro Cotter Butesa Sakhi. Pups are of excellent confirmation and temperament. This is a Reintroduction of this breed into India. For further details contact. P.Raghu Nandan Nilgiri, Dist. TN. Mob +91 9840773800. email :
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