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BULLI (A Native Breed from India)


Bulli (A Native breed from India, also sometimes known as the Indian Mastiff. Information to be updated)  

Breeders' List

Atul Tiwari
Currently a litter of Indian Mastiff Puppies are available.
Please contact: Atul Tiwari, 092122-75313, Website:
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(Advertisement last posted in March 2016)

Aniket presents a Handsome Litter of Bulli Puppies (Indian Mastiff), from Sire and Dam with excellent Bones, Head and Structure.
Click here to see Litter Box, Pictures of Puppies, Sire and Dam
Contact Aniket: +91-86078-03573 (Haryana)
Puppies can be transported to most places in India.
(Advertisement last posted on 17th December 2018) - Bulli, The Indian Mastiff - Aniket