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Litter Box of "Bulli Kutha" Puppies:
The Indian Mastiff Puppies offered by Mr.Rajesh
"Bully Kutha"-The Indian Mastiff

Heavy size Pakistan Bully Kutha (Import blood Lines)
The Bully Kutha is said to have originated in Multan Nagar Pakistan.
It was a fighting breed of dogs, used for dog fighting, guarding and hunting.
Mughal Emperors owned this dog for wars.
The dog is a Mastiff variety
Male dogs weigh about 80kg to 100kg
height is up to 27 inches to 33 inches.
The breed is also called as Sindh Mastiff
his dog is very human friendly and in our home the kids can handle it.
De-worming and Vaccination will be done as per schedule

Puppies available at reasonable price

A Note: The Bully Kutha breed is not registered by the KCI as of now
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+91- 9842801101
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Photographs of Puppies
Posted on 4th July 2022 - Bulli Kutha - Rajesh - Bulli Kutha - Rajesh - Bulli Kutha - Rajesh
Sire - Bulli Kutha - Rajesh
Dam - Bulli Kutha - Rajesh
+91-9715790921 /
+91- 9842801101
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