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The unique appearance of the Sharpei is best described by its chinese standards- clam-shell ears, butterfly nose, melon shaped head., grandmotherly face, water buffalo neck, horse's buttock's and dragon's legs. Sharpei's that were first exported to Hong Kong had many eye-problems necessitating repeated surgery. Selective breeding has reduced this and skin problems associated with the breed. Some people are allergic to the typical prickly coat of the Sharpei. Almost driven to extinction, the breed was rescued by Matgo Law, a Hong Kong Breeder. It weighs 16-20 kgs and is about 46-51 cms tall.

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Breeders' List

Avninder Grewal's Chinese Shar-Pei

We wish to introduce our young and adorable Chinese Shar-Peis imported from The United States of America ROYAL Grewal's Midnite Magic (Black Dog) and ROYAL Grewal's Precious Jewel (Fawn Bitch). We wish to place on record our gratitude to Mrs. Sue Anderson & Mr. Roy Anderson.

Dog lovers who are interested in the breed, feel free to interact with us. Inquiries to Mr. S. Avninder S .Grewal, 50, Shamsher Avenue, Opp. Raj Guru Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab Phone : 098143-72334 Email

Puppies Available. Please see Litter Box

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