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The Bedouins used the Saluki to trap the prey after the hawks swooped down to slow it.Though dogs are unclean according to Islam, special concessions were given to the Salukis to live in the home of a true believer. It was taken on the camel during the hunt, to  prevent the burning sand from hurting it. It is 14-25 kgs in weight and 58-71 cms in height.

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Breeders' List

Kingshill Kennels: Top Show Quality, True To Type Saluki Puppies Carrying Champion Lines Available To Show And Loving Homes. Click here to view Litter Box. Please Contact: Kingshill Kennels, K.Dhandapani, 9244314166
(Lisiting First Posted on 28th May 2023. Listing Renewable on 28th May 2024)  Saluki  Kingshill Kennels
JeniRich Kennels, offers purebred Saluki Puppies. Parents KCI Registered. The Saluki is an Agile, Swift breed and makes a Good Companion and Family Pet. They are gentle with children. Our Puppies have been well cared for. We are based in Tamilnadu, but puppies can be sent to most metros.
Click Here to See Litter Box, Photographs of Sire, Dam, Puppies and Pedigree details.
Contact: JeniRich Kennels. Prabakaran John Jeyakumar: Ph :- 0461 2377177 / 2377477
WhatsApp :- 09443705097
(Listing Posted on 31st May 2019 - Renewable on 31st May 2020) - Saluki - JeniRich Kennels - John
Attila's Kennel offers Rare breed Saluki Puppies. Kennel Club of India Registered, Excellent Pedigree, well raised. Click here to see Photographs of Sire, Dam, Puppies and Pedigree details.
Puppies can be sent to Metros across India.
Contact: Attila's Kennel: +91-98941-24262 (Coimbatore-641002)
(Listing Posted on 7th June 2016)
(Listing Renewable on 7th June 2017) - Saluki - Attila's Kennel