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Pit Bull Terrier (American)

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Banned in Sweden, neutered, muzzled and micro-chip identified in Great Britain and prohibited from entering some areas in North America, the Pit Bull has been victimized by the Press as much as it has been used by unscrupulous people for abusive fighting. It has been trained to take on any animal or human, using its natural tenaciousness and strength. It should be possible to make it a companion and guard dog with very early and extensive training. It weighs14-36 kgs and is 46-56 cms in height  

Breeders' List

Maria: American Pit Bull Puppies from direct Thailand & American Import available. Top Quality, Strong, Sweet and Very Smart! Raised with love in foreigner family home in Goa. Two Female Puppies available. Excellent Temperament. Good with children.   Click here to view litter box to see Photographs of Puppies, Sire and Dam. For more details contact:
Ph: +918007768148 (WhatsApp), Mob: +91-9511835810
(Listing First Posted on 4th Nov 2015 - Listing Renewable on 22nd July 2018)
Mr.Prince Mohan: We offer a litter of American Pit Bull Terrier for sale. Puppies are healthy and active. Click here to view litter box, Photographs. For details contact: Prince Mohan, Ph: +91-9894043003, Coimbatore.
(Listing Renewable on 30th January 2020) - American Pit Bull Terrier - Prince Mohan 
Mr. Atul Tiwary: An exciting litter of Pit Bull Terrier Puppies now available for sale. Click here to view Litter Box. For further information contact:
Atul Tiwari, Ph:  092122-75313, E-Mail:

(Listing Renewable on 24th May 2016)

Dogs India Pit Bull American - Tiwari

Dr.Y.K.Reddy offers American Pit Bull Puppies, Healthy, Good Bones, Well raised (2 Males and one Female). Sire and Dam have Excellent Temperament and carry top bloodlines. Very well Socialised. Ideal Guard and Protector. Good with family. Click Here to See Litter Box, Photographs of Puppies, Sire and Dam. Please Note: Pure American Pit Bull Breed cannot as yet be registered with the KCI or many International Clubs. The UKC is developing the registry. Registrations offered in India are usually American Staffordshire.
For more details contact: Dr. Y.K. Reddy: +91-70936-38138, 93463-38263. (Andhra Pradesh)
(Listing First Posted on 16th September 2017 - Listing Renewable on 16th September 2018) - American Pit Bull - Y.K.Reddy
Mr. Ragavendran: Great temperament, strong muscular features, very affectionate, Pitbulls are legendary warriors and yet our dogs are not ferocious, very playful & loveable character with high energy level. They have good hunting instincts. These pitbulls are from pure American bloodline. Sire's parents are from American pitbull club of Tieraite kennels. The dam's bloodline is German import - Sparks daughter. Both male and female puppies available. Click here to view pictures. Contact: Ragavendran +91-9787317607, 9715937777, email: Coimbatore-38, Tamilnadu.
(Listing Renewable on 13th November 2011)