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New Foundland

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This breed was once used to pull nets ashore and also to pull the boats. Today, there are teams of New Foundlands in France which assist in Emergency services and Sea Rescue. They also have this inborn character of rescuing anyone from water even if their desire is not to be rescued. It is a benevolent giant, a loyal friend and is still tested by draught work and hauling of carts. It is a large dog which maybe brown or black in colour, they have webbed toes to assist in swimming. They weigh 50-68 kgs and are 66-71 cms tall.

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Breeders' List

Simha Kennels Proudly offers Outstanding Show Quality Newfoundland Puppies for Show & Pet Homes. Their pedigree carries a combination of Top American Champion Bloodlines. Sire: Ch.Catowild Kiru's Flirting King. Dam: Catowild Kiru's Charming Lady.
Click Here to see Litter Box, Pictures of Sire, Dam, Puppies and Pedigree.
Serious enquiries Contact: Kiran Gowda: +91-97404-00869, +91-97432-55559.
(Listing first posted on 7th February 2017 -  Renewable on 7th February 2018) - Newfoundland - Kiran Gowda - Simha Kennels
Mr.Subrata: Currently not breeding.
(Listing Renewable on 24th April 2014)