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Fox Hound (English)

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The English Fox Hound is not usually a domestic pet though it makes a good companion. It is affectionate and has a good temperament but not easy to obedience train. It has a rugged constitution and gets along well with other dogs. It has a strong instinct to chase and kill fox-sized animals. Its keen nose and good voice made it ideal for fox hunting. It maybe two or tri-coloured. It weighs about 25-34 kgs and is 58-69 cms tall.

Breeders' List

Cotter Kennels -English Foxhound is a rare breed mainly because it has been held very closely by the Hunts over the last few hundred years. For the first time in private hands, in India. We have two lovely lines 1) Ch.Foxhounter's Warrick Minstrel (Rikki) Imp Canada - Dam: Just-Wright Ramzie and Sire MBIS Ch.Foxhunter's Man O' war - Certificate of Merit Westminster Kennel Club. Rikki won two CACIBs and 4 BOBs in the recently concluded FCI-KCI show at Madras. 2) Ch.Geena from the Ooty Hunt Club Sire : Imp UK from a Hunt. They are endearing but energetic dogs, who need plenty of patience and a large fenced yard to be able to run freely. They are capable of clearing a fence of 5 feet. Certainly a dog for people who with large spaces, have the time and energy to cope with a high energy dog. Puppies Available Now! Click Here to View Litter Box, Pictures and details. Would be interested to communicate with dog lovers who are interested in this breed. P.Raghunandan, Cotter Kennels, Coonor, Tamil Nadu, e-mail :  Mobile (91)-98407 73800