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Collie (Rough)

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The rough Collie's elegant looks made it popular among the public especially after Queen Victoria acquired this breed as a companion. When Hollywood discovered it in the Lassie films, it became internationally famous (lassie incidentally was laddie a male) Originally a herding dog, it is now bred for the show-ring. It is an excellent companion, easy to train, safe with children and a good watch-dog. Its coat needs daily grooming. It maybe sable/ white, blue-merle or tri coloured. It weighs 18-30 kgs and is about 51-61 cms in height.  

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Breeders' List

Akshay Dagar, Advance Dog Kennel, Offers Excellent Quality Active and Healthy Rough Collie Puppies Rough Collies are intelligent friendly dogs. They make a great family pets. They are independent and strong willed dogs.
They are very active dogs and are usually playful and protective of most well behaved kidsClick Here to See Litter Box, Photographs. The Rough Collie is a rare breed in India. PLEASE NOTE: These Puppies are Not Registered with the Kennel Club of India. For More details Contact:
Akshay Dagar Advance Dog Kennel (Delhi): Ph: 9811425624
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