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Chow Chow

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Throughout Mongolia and Manchuria the meat of the Chow Chow was once a delicacy and its skin a popular fur for clothing. The overstuffed Teddy bear appearance and black tongue are characteristic of this breed. The coat needs intense grooming. the Chow maybe Cream, white, fawn, red, blue or black. It weighs 22-32 kgs and is 46-56 cms tall.

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Breeders' List


Manoj Krishna offers a litter of Chow Chow Puppies from Cool Kardi and sweet Ilonna (Repeat breeding of successful previous Chow Chow litter), puppies born on Leap year day (29-2-2016). Hope future homes will be filled with kisses, wagging tails, wet noses and more of love.
Father: Ind.Ch.Its My Love Armand Basi (Olaf Faier Stalker Х Bon Triumph Halle Berry) (Russian Import) (Multiple CACIB Winner)
Mother: Ind.Ch.Chaitan Legend Chow Ilonna (Bon Triumph Personal Angel Х Chaitan Legend Chow Baha) (Romanian Import) (Multiple CACIB Winner)
Click here to see Litter Box, Photographs, Pedigree of Sire, Dam and Puppies.
Contact: Manoj: +91-90361-09356
(Listing First Posted on 4th May 2016)
(Listing Renewable on 4th May 2017) - Chow Chow - Manoj