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The Chippiparai is a hound native to Southern India particularly the district of Thanjavur. It  has a compact streamlined body built for chasing game. This is a one man dog  which does not like to be petted fed or handled by anyone other than its master or handler. It has an independent mind
The dog  is about 50 cms tall and weigh 15-20 kgs. The head is domed, fine and long. The ears are small  and maybe semi-erect or rose shaped. The eyes are dark, the tail is bony The legs are long and straight. The chest is deep  with a slightly roached back and a tucked-up belly. The lenght from the brisket to the rump is slightly shorter than the height at the shoulder It maybe white and fawn though all colours are accepted. It needs very little grooming and enjoys the outdoors. Its food requirements are very minimal.  It is very hardy and resistant to climatic changes.
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Breeders' List

Hundland Kennels Proudly Offers Show Prospect KCI Registered Chippiparai Puppies Out Of The Following Combination: Sire: Hundland's Rocky; Dam:  Hundland's Secret Smile; Both Fawn And Black & Tan Puppies Are Available. Click here to view litter box. For Details Contact: S.Venkatesh & T.J.Arun Thangasamy. Ph: 099940-99885, 08508494949, Rajapalayam-626117, Tamilnadu. Email:
(Listing Renewable on 8th March 2013)
Chippiparai Puppies, raised in a natural environment, born to Active Father and Mother, well muscled, raised with care, available for sale. Please note: Puppies are not KCI Registered. Click here to see Litter Box, Photographs of Puppies, Father and Mother.  
Please Contact: Contact person K.V.Bhoopathi
Mobile: 7338852448 - Chippiparai - Bhupathy
Radiant Kennels offer for sale KCI registered Chippiparai (Indian Breed). Click here to view pedigree details. Owned & Bred By: Geetha Ramaswami, Ph:9442619999, Coimbatore, India
(Listing Renewable on 11th September 2013)

We wish to offer for sale fawn. coloured male Chippiparai puppies, 45 days old, Chippiparai ( A native Indian Breed from Tamil Nadu ). Contact : S. Sureshgobi, 16,Mullai Street, Vivekanandha Nagar, Ambathur, Chennai -600053. Mobile : (0)9884592007 Email :