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Caravan Hound

Note: If you have this breed, or know   anyone who does, please send a good profile photograph of the Dog (without humans in the background). We shall publish it on this page with credits. You can send it either by e-mail or post.

The Afghans, Pathans, Mongols, Persians,  and the Arabs brought through the Khyber pass many hounds like the Afghan and the Saluki when they came into India. The Caravan Hound probably owed its ancestry to these dogs. They were called so because they used to travel along with the caravans from place to place. It is also said that the Afghans were given lands to act as a buffer between Aurangazeb's Deccan kingdom and the Maratha Empire.  So the dogs are also found in the same area.  They dogs were usually bred selectively by the villagers to withstand the weather, hunt or for qualities they appreciated rather than for colour and beauty. This breed is known to be quite immune to many diseases and has plenty of stamina.

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The head is long and narrow and broad between the ears with a tapering muzzle. The jaws are long and powerful. The nose is large and black in colour. The ears are long and hang close to the skull. The eyes are dark hazel in colour , they large and oval in shape. They are ever alert and keen.  The neck is long clean and muscular and fits well into the shoulders, which are well-laid back. The forelegs are long, straight and well-boned. The dogs are 68-72 cms in height and the females are 64-68 cms tall.
The back is long, broad and well-muscled. The loins are wide and deep. The chest is strong and deep with well sprung ribs. The abdomen is tucked in. The hind quarters appear wide and well-muscled. The tail is strong at the base, not too long, set low and carried in a natural curve. It should never be carried over the back. The gait is high-footed flexing all the four legs. The coat is fine and coarse. They are normally, fawn, red, cream, black or interspersed with white.  Following are the URL,s sent to us by Mr.Neil Trilokekar. Our thanks to him.

Breeders' List

Attila's Kennel offers show quality caravan hound pups. Two Litters Sired by Champion Karben's Yankee Available.
Litter 1
Click here to view litter box, Photographs of Puppies, Sire & Dam.
Click here to view litter box, Photographs of Puppies, Sire & Dam.
First dose of vaccination has been done. Feamale & Male Puppies Available. Contact: Anish Ashraf, Attilas Kennel, 499, Mettupalayam Road, Coimbatore - 641002. Ph: +91-9894124262.
(Listing Renewable on 21st January 2017)
MAG Kennels The Caravan Hound is one of the Most Popular Among Indian Breeds, with Majestic Looks. MAG Kennels proudly announces a litter of Caravan Hound Puppies from KCI Champion Parents. Click Here to see Litter Box, Pictures of Sire, Dam and Puppies. Contact: +91-99620-04468, Coimbatore. Puppies can be sent to Metro Cities.
(Listing First Posted on25th February 2016)
(Renewal due on 25th February 2017) - Caravan Hound - MAG Kennels
Barking House Kennels proudly presents, An outstanding litter of Show Prospect Caravan Hound (Indian Breed) puppies. The Bloodline Combines the Best Of Show Winners and Champion Pedigree.
Dam: Ch. Barking House' Karbens Kiss Me Kate, (D/o. Ind. Ch. Karbens Voodoo Guy). Sire: Ch. Hundland's Typhoon. All our Pups come with KCI Certificate and microchip. Puppies are properly Dewormed and Vaccinated. We can deliver puppies all over India. Click Here to See Litter Box, Photographs of Puppies, Sire, Dam. Serious Enquiries to: V.Vincent, (Barking House Kennels), Nazareth, Near Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi District, Tamilnadu, Mob: 0-98848-26629.
(Listing Renewable on 8th December 2017) - Caravan Hound - Barking House Kennel - Vincent
Lakshmikanth Offers: Caravan Hound (Indian Breed), with regal looks, from smart tall parents with Top Bloodlines. Click here to see Litter Box, Photographs of Sire, Dam and Puppies. One Male Puppy and Three Female Puppies available. Contact: Lakshmikanth, Coimbatore, Mob: +91-9894110066
(Listing first posted on 2nd February 2017) - Caravan Hound - Lakshmikanth, Coimbatore
Resolute's Kennel is a conservationist breeding program successfully showing and breeding the authentic native phenotype of the Royal indigenous Sight Hounds. Currently offering typical big sized Pashmi (Indian Saluki) Puppies. Born out of Indian saluki Champion Shravanika and Indian Champion Jockey. Puppies are show and work promising. 2 Male Puppies and 1 Female Puppy available. Click here to see Litter Box, Photographs of Sire, Dam and Puppies.
Contact Mr Tejas Kamalkar on 09821679074
(Listing first posted on 13th April 2017) - Pashmi Hound - Tejas Kamalkar
Zoi Kennels offers Top Class, Show Quality Caravan Hound Puppies, available for True Show Homes. We provide two rounds of vaccination and de-worming and also KCI papers. Sire: Ind. Ch. Dex. X Dam: Ind. Ch. Hund's Land's Booth. All the puppies are having nice head and strong bones. They are well balanced and have high show prospect. Enquires are Welcome and they can be Shipped to any Destination. Click Here to See Litter Box, Pictures of Sire, Dam and Puppies. Genuine Enquires please contact:
Mr. Rajesh Poojary (Manipal, Karnataka) Mobile No: (0) 9986963596, 8123734393. E-mail: 
(Listing First Posted on 9th July 2017. Renewable on 9th July 2018) - Caravan Hound - Zoi Kennel
We Del Krisline Kennel is a show home, we Breed Caravan Hound with Perfect Temperament, show quality puppies available. Click here to view pictures. Contact: Del Krisline Kennels, 3/133, 3/121, Maxworth Nagar, 2nd Street, Nagamalai, Madurai-19. Mobile: 9894422199, 9894273006. email:
(Listing Renewable on 19th September 2014)
Conserve Kennel: We now present an exciting litter of male & female Caravan Hound Puppies for sale. Puppies are sired by Indian Champion. Click here to view litter box.
(Listing Renewable on 30th May 2012)
Hundland Kennels Proudly Presents An Outstanding Caravan Hound Litter From The Following Combination: Sire: Ch.Karbens Typhoon; Dam is D/O Ch. Karben's Sugar; 5 Males & 5 Females Are Available To Loving Show Homes.. Puppies Are True To The Breed Type. Click here to view pictures of Sire & Dam. Breeders: S.Venkatesh & T.J.Arun Thangasamy, Ph: 09994099885, 08508494949.
(Listing Renewable on 9th March 2013)
Karben's Kennels: Home breed top show quality Caravan Hound puppies. Click here to view puppy pictures. Contact : Prasad Mayekar, Darya Vihar , 39/D Chowpatty Mumbai 400007 India. Phone: 09423381979 / 08149910420; Email :
(Listing Renewable on 5th December 2013)


Zvani Sastra�s much awaited litter of Caravan Hounds from the best of working bloodlines are available for a few discerning homes. Pups are healthy, have sound structure. Pups are de-wormed, vaccinated, socialized in a home environment, micro-chipped and comes with KCI certificates. Both parents have excellent temperament and health. Pups were born on 23rd May 2015 and are ready to go to good homes.
Click Here to View Litter Box, Pictures of Sire, Dam, Puppies and more details
Enquiries: Mr. Deepak Parameswaran Mobile: +91 91766 22522
Mr.Debashish Das Mobile: +91 85828 42523
Email:  /
(Listing Renewable on 4th August 2016) Caravan Hounds 
Atila Kennels proud breeders of native Indian breed offers for sale a litter of Caravan Hound puppies to Indian breed fanciers. Sire: Kingsway's James Bond. Dam: Vilvex Fleesha. We have 4 males and 2 Females. Puppies pictures taken when the puppies were 38 days old. We have given the first vaccination. For inquiries contact A.Anish Ashraf, 499, Mettupalayam Road, Coimbatore-641002. Phone: 0422-2554222 / 09894124262.
Email :  
Click Here to see Pictures of Parents and Puppies.
(Advt. Placed on 11th January-2007)



Caravan Hound Pictures: Courtesy Mr. Prasad Mayekar