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The revised fee for New listing is Rs. 2000/- from October 2008 
(for listing with Photograph for one breed for ONE FULL YEAR). 

Renewal Fee: Rs.1500/- per year. 

Please send the details as listed out at the end of this page, to

Scroll down to View the Current Charges for Listing.

Breeders! DogsIndia has introduced a New Facility - Your Own Litter Box Page whereby Breeders can showcase their Puppies, Sire, Dam and Short Pedigree with Photographs and Text. 
Please Click Here to have an idea of what a Litter Box Page could look like.

For Details regarding having your Litter Box Page please send an e-mail to

For Details Contact: 
Dr.Suresh Bhimsingh
Mob: +91-9840098989
Email : 

Please provide the following details to Get Listed in the Breeders' Column. If you want to be listed under more than one breed, please mention those details. The fee for listing mentioned above is for EACH breed.

Name of Breeder

Name of Kennel

Complete Address with Pincode

E-Mail Address

Phone Numbers (Landline / Mobile / Fax)

Details of Dogs / Puppies


Advertisement Tariff

Charges for Listing in



Type of Listing



Breeders' Directory

Brief Listing of Important Dogs you own, any Highlights, Address, Phone, E-mail, etc.
Can be linked to your Listing in the Puppies Available Section and if you take the Litter Box Advt. (See Below). This includes Indian Breeds also!

One Year


Puppies Available

Brief Listing in the Puppies Available Page (one of the most visited pages in the site). Puppy and Pedigree details in brief, Address, Phone, E-mail.
Can be linked to the Litter Box Advt. (See Below)

Two Months

Free for One Listing a Year, for those who are Listed in the Breeders' Directory. Every additional Puppies Available Listing will be charged Rs.1000/-

Litter Box

Detailed Listing of Dogs Owned / Housed, Pedigree Details of Dogs, Puppies, Up to 7 Photographs of Sire, Dam, Puppies, etc. Address, Phone, E-mail, etc.

One Year

Rs. 1000/-

Every subsequent Litter Box changes would be charges at the Rate of Rs. 1000/-, as applicable. Updating a photo within the stipulated period would not be charged.

Grown-up Dogs For Sale
Listing of Grown-up Dogs For Sale: Up to Two Photographs, Pedigree Details, other details in brief including Show Winnings etc.

Can be Linked from Homepage (First Page) with Photo on the Homepage

Three Weeks Rs. 2000/- per dog

Rs. 1000/- for Inserting Photo in Homepage with Link to Grown-up Dog's details.

Listing of Trainers & Groomers


One Year

Rs. 2000/-

Listing of
Pet Products / Shops selling Pet Products


One Year

Rs. 3000/-

Listing of Vets & Hospitals

Brief listing with Name, Qualification, Address, Phone & E-mail

As long as you require



Brief Listing of Dogs Lost, Dogs Wanted Advts. and ONLY those Advts. which offer Dogs or Puppies for adoption, FREE of cost.
NO COMMERCIAL Advertisements!



Banner Advt. to appear in all pages across the site OR Only in Home Page.