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Ginger & Namkeen

My name is Ananth and I am currently located in Chennai, Phone number 8130609888. I adopted my daughters Ginger and Namkeen couple of years back and due to unfortunate circumstances, I am looking for a family that would adopt both of them together as they are best buddies and have grown up together for the past 2 years. I adopted them when I was at Delhi and drove with them from Delhi to Chennai instead of taking them via train or flight as I was scared they may not be comfortable. I love them so much but have no option but to find a new home for them as I am finding it very difficult to manage them alone due to the nature of my work and do not want to keep sending them to boarding frequently either. It has come to a point where I am torturing myself and them​ and I need to find a home for them in the next 20 - 25 days as I have to move out of the residence where I currently live.​

Further details given below along with complete details of their nature, characteristics etc. They still have another 12 years left minimum or even more​, so I want to find a good family for them now as they are still young.​
​Basic details​
Both Female - Name: Ginger (Brown Color) and Namkeen (Mix of Brown white)
Ginger's DOB is Dec 14th 2014 and Namkeen is approximately 3 months younger to her. Both of them have been vaccinated, deworming done, spayed as well. Complete details of their characteristics given below
​Ginger and Namkeen Story
Ginger used to be fed by a friend in Delhi until I took her home in May 2015​. Namkeen is approximately 3 months younger as she was roaming in the streets of the neighborhood where I lived​ in Delhi.​ Ginger is very docile by nature and takes a while to be comfortable with new people. As in, if someone new comes home, she will bark and sniff them and only after 3 or 4 more visits will she accept the person as her friend. She gets threatened if someone new tries to touch her or pat her. All she needs is her humans around her and will start crying and howling even if we leave her ​alone at home​​ for 10 minutes. She likes to play with squeaky toys, tennis balls and loves any dog treats. Totally enjoys belly rubs.

The commands she understands are shake hand, down (she will go down), play dead (she will go down and bend to one side sort of position), ​V​a (​Means come here in ​Tamil​, she will get up and come to us) and she understands NO. She's not comfortable around other dogs and takes a while to adjust. Her only friend is namkeen and even between them she is like alpha since she came into the house first. They have their own equation and even when there are small fights between them occasionally no one needs to interfere as they will sort it out themselves. In fact if humans interfere, they fight with more intensity. This happens very rarely and all we have to do is nothing.

I take them out thrice a day, around 7 to 8am in the morning, anytime between 5 to 630pm evening and around 10 or 1030 at night. Lunch around 1230 to 1pm and dinner around 9pm. The serving time can be changed a little bit and their potty schedule won't change. Food wise both of them don't like the regular pedigree type of food if given alone. They enjoy only if it's mixed with boiled egg and little bit of milk. If the pedigree chicken gravy paste kind of food is mixed they enjoy even more and obviously they enjoy any meat based food as I feed them boiled chicken over the weekend and any large sized bones are also ok. They have their own bed but over the past 8 or 9 months both of them also sleep with me in my bed. If we ask Ginger to get down she will go but Namkeen will firmly refuse and will get angry if she's pushed out of bed. She won't bother though and will sleep in one corner.​

Namkeen is very playful by nature. She was roaming in the streets where I lived in Delhi and used to be the road side celebrity as a 3 or 4 month old puppy and had many fans. Ginger wasn't fond of any other dogs on the road but somehow became great friends with namkeen and they used to play in the park nearby everyday and became best friends. It got to a point where Ginger will always look outside from our balcony downstairs to see if Namkeen is on the road, I used to live on the 3rd floor. Similarly namkeen used to sit outside the gate of our apartment and wait for Ginger to come out to spend time with her. Suddenly namkeen went missing for 3 days and after inquiring the security guards ​I​ learnt that some car had run over her hind leg late in the night. I was really worried if something had happened to her and she came back with an injured leg. Since she was​ like​ a celebrity someone had taken her to the vet and taken care of her for 3 days. This is the point at which namkeen also entered the household and I took her in.

​She loves many people around her and enjoys when many humans are around her. She will pretend sometimes as if she knows someone for 10 years when she would've met them for first time. Namkeen is not docile like Ginger meaning she won't attack or bite anyone but at the same time if someone hits her or if she feels threatened due to provocation she will bark with anger and will show her angry face sort of stating she will bite if this prolongs. Ginger is the opposite of this. Even if someone harms her, she will just show her belly and succumb completely.

Namkeen knows the same commands as Ginger and when it comes to potty issues, she's even more healthy and has great bladder control and potty control. Ginger has bad stomach once in two months or so and will accidentally do her potty in the balcony of the house if there is one or somewhere if there is no option. Even when she does that, her face will be guilt ridden as she knows she has done something wrong.

Both of them are very comfortable with car rides and they jump into the car as soon as rear door is opened​, Namkeen keeps staring outside and enjoys the worldly views :)​. They also know that urine and potty should be done only outside car. I always take them for a walk though before they get in. ​They need an open space for 30 minutes or an hour of playtime in the evening and another 20 to 30 minutes playtime in the night, a terrace would be nice as they run, jump around and play with each other. They just sleep through the day and get up only for lunch or if someone rings the bell. ​They have the habit of barking a lot and try to go near other leashed dogs when other pet parents take them walking and will also bark when they see other dogs on the street from the balcony. They don't bark when seeing other street dogs on the road though unless they bark at them. They will stop barking once the other leashed dogs pass. There was an instance when I didn't notice other dog coming on the way and namkeen over powered me and went near the other leashed dog, she didn't do anything though other than barking. So, it is just territorial mentality.​ They have traveled in car with me to Dharamsala, Uttarakhand, Chandigarh and several other places. ​Their​ longest car trip was from Delhi to Bangalore with overnight stops at Madhya Pradesh and Hyderabad and then moved to Chennai in February.

​They are very healthy generally and don't think I've ever taken them to the vet for anything else other than regular vaccinations, deworming etc. Both of them love getting belly rubs and will come once in a while and request to give them attention if they are bored. Ginger loves it more and half the time she will show her belly once she starts trusting the human.​ This is more or less about them and I really hope they find the best family who will love them and treat them like a family member and not like animals who are tied in one corner as I never leash them except when taking them for walks. They are free to roam in the house just like ​us.​ ​T​he one thing both of them cannot stand is loneliness, they want to be around some human all the time.
If any family would like to take them in, it does not matter how far the family is located as I can drive them, as the most important thing for me is to ensure they are going to have a great future.

Thank you, I can be contacted at my mobile number for any further information.

Phone +91-8130609888
Pictures - Free For Adoption - Ginger and Namkeen - Ananth - Free For Adoption - Ginger and Namkeen - Ananth - Free For Adoption - Ginger and Namkeen - Ananth - Free For Adoption - Ginger and Namkeen - Ananth - Free For Adoption - Ginger and Namkeen - Ananth - Free For Adoption - Ginger and Namkeen - Ananth - Free For Adoption - Ginger and Namkeen - Ananth - Free For Adoption - Ginger and Namkeen - Ananth - Free For Adoption - Ginger and Namkeen - Ananth - Free For Adoption - Ginger and Namkeen - Ananth
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