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Litter Box of Weimaraners from Dr. Sharath

Weimaraner pups available for show homes available

Date of Birth: 23-09-16

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Please Contact:
Mrs S.M.Bharathi or Dr. S.M. Sharath Chandra
GreyWiese (Sharabha) Kennels
Sharabha,1002, 12thA Main, Sector A, New Town,
Yelahanka, Bangalore-64.
Ph- 94480-90007, 94491-09232.

Photographs of Puppies of the Current Litter - Weimaraner - Sharath Chandra - Weimaraner - Sharath Chandra - Weimaraner - Sharath Chandra - Weimaraner - Sharath Chandra
Earlier Pictures
Previous Litter
Previous Litter
Puppies With Their New Owners
8th Best In Show Winner
Puppies at 7 weeks
Tanishq Advt.
Beautiful Conformation
Our Weimaraners

Puppy Pictures
(Pics below Taken on 12th February, 2009)


Our Puppies with the New Owners








Weimarahers were In Germany in the 1900 century and were being used in the court of WEIMAR for hunting.

This Breed is now being bred all over the world and is a popular breed in the UK, USA, Australia, the breed in India is not known to many, and there are only a few breeders as on date.

Weimaraners belongs to the Gun Dog Group, and are wonderful dogs in the fields and enjoy outings. They are a family dog too, they need the company of human beings, they are aggressive to strangers, and are quite safe in their approach.

The attractive and striking features of this breed is its metallic shade of light to dark Grey colour, with Amber coloured eyes, which gives them the innocent look, a well exercised dog has a strong muscular body, they can run with a speed of 40 kmph.

The best period to select a puppy is about 3 months and should check as to what extent the pup has the breed standards in them and also the parents. Generally the pups of good bloodline where the parents are Champions, the pups would be good and are also sure to become Champions provided you take the same care the breeder has taken as the growth period is up to1 yr.

The maintenance is very easy as they have a short coat and needs a bath once in 20 days. The only maintenance is regular walking or run, balanced food (they are not Voracious eaters), regular Vaccination and De-worming.


Mrs S.M.Bharathi or Dr S.M.Sharath Chandra,
GreyWiese (Sharabha) Kennels,
Sharabha,1002, 12thA Main, Sector A,
New Town, Yelahanka,
Bangalore -64. Ph- 9448090007, 9449109232.  

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