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Litter Box of Maltese from Voyagerz Kennels

Barely One Month Old Astonishingly Gorgeous Maltese Puppy Available
(Pictures taken in Indoor Lighting)
Photographs of the Puppy
Posted on 22nd August 2019 - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz 
Mr.Mrinal: +91-8017893920
Mrs. Bhattacharya: +91-9748715466
A charm of sheer aristocracy and an aura of elegance, is exuded by the breed
THE MALTESE - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz
Kennel VOYAGERZ, is the crib in Kolkata bringing to you an exotic litter of Maltese puppies
and is the kind of breeder who can be the 'handbook for the breed we choose' - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz
Being born and raised in Kiev, UKRAINE, the MOTHER OF THE LITTER is truly an impressive standard for the breed and was IMPORTED to India by us with the sole purpose of 'adorning VOYAGERZ with a GEM'.

From a very well reputed breeder of Maltese,
and from complete CHAMPION LINEAGE- this girl ZIRCONIA took our breath away.
Mr.Mrinal: +91-8017893920
Mrs. Bhattacharya: +91-9748715466
(Kolkata) - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz 
The FATHER of the dam- UKRAINIAN CHAMPION SHARM - Kazkovy Lev - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz 
The Mother of the Dam - Maltese - Voyagerz
The surefire way of ensuring the best litter is investing on two key elements of breeding-

Mr.Mrinal: +91-8017893920
Mrs. Bhattacharya: +91-9748715466
ZIRCONIA (the mother of the litter) /SPRING SONG KAZKOVYY LEV was then imported to India with a lot of hope, expectations and prayers.
SHE MADE US PROUD- elegance is evident in her straightly gait, as she went onto becoming the 'covergirl photo for Calcutta Kennel Club-2017' (online portal) at the tender age of 7 months winning multiple BEST OF BREED, at her debut shows in Indian soil. - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz - Maltese - Voyagerz 
SPRING SONG KAZKOVYY LEV-7 months old puppy. At debut shows on Indian soil. Winner of multiple BEST OF BREED.  
Mr.Mrinal: +91-8017893920
Mrs. Bhattacharya: +91-9748715466
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Despite tiny and petite anatomy THE MALTESE is an invincible and agile breed who is born to fill your heart and home with PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP. ZIRCONIA is one such girl with all her IMPORT PAPERS. 
Breeding is an art which the VOYAGERZ have mastered through years of dedicated life-style, spending buck loads of money (for every combination and puppy food) and a persistent thirst to excel and break our own records. 
All said, low ballers please steer away, VOYAGERZ MALTESE IS NOT A TOY FOR ALL, raising puppies right is a 24/7 job and we do not have time to squander.
WhatsApp messages will be entertained, and a prior ownership of toy breed is an added advantage for short listing possible owners. 
All the feed details from birth upwards, and litter pictures will be shared individually. 
Mr.Mrinal: +91-8017893920
Mrs. Bhattacharya: +91-9748715466
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