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Litter Box of Dobermanns from Raghu

Show Quality Dobermann Puppies for sale.

Puppies are healthy, strong and true to type.

KCI (Kennel Club of India) Registration Papers applied for

Will be given all due vaccinations

Scroll down to see Photographs of Sire, Puppies and Pedigree Details

Pet Quality Puppies may be available sometime

What is Pet Quality?
Puppies and Dogs should conform to International Breed Standards set by International Bodies such as American Kennel Club, The Kennel Club (England) or FCI. to make them eligible to compete in the Show Rings.
Sometimes a puppy might have or not have a particular feature, for e.g. the Topline of the puppy may not be perfect enough for showing. These puppies are Equally Healthy, Equally Sociable, Trainable and make as Good Companions as the "Show" Quality puppies. But in the breeder's honest opinion, they cannot be classified as "Show" Quality. So they may be sold at lesser prices than the "Show" Quality Puppies, to Pet Homes looking for a Companion/Guard, rather than for showing. 

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Ph: +91-94422-44425 / +91-99941-05020


Photograph of Dam - Dobermann - Raghuram
Photograph of Sire - Dobermann - Raghuram
Photographs of Puppies
Posted on 8th January 2017
Male Puppy 1 - Dobermann - Raghuram - Dobermann - Raghuram
Female Puppy 1 - Dobermann - Raghuram - Dobermann - Raghuram 
Female Puppy 2 - Dobermann - Raghuram - Dobermann - Raghuram 
Kennel Club of India Registration/Pedigree Certificate of Puppy - Dobermann - Raghuram
Puppies Waiting to go to their New Homes - Dobermann - Raghuram - Dobermann - Raghuram - Dobermann - Raghuram
Advertisement Posted on 8th January 2017