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This breed looks like a miniature Great Dane, with its powerful, muscular, and heavy build.  It is a typical boar hound which was used for hunting wild boar and hare. It is usually white in colour, the skin being pink. It has a deep chest. The hair is soft on the head but coarse on the body. It may be about 65cms. tall and about 25 kgs in weight. The bitches are about 60 cms in height and  about 20 kgs in weight. It has a domed head that is carried high. There maybe a little wrinkling on the skin of the head and throat but no pronounced dewlap. The skin is loose all over the body and the eyes are dark and usually deep brown. The ears are pendant and feel like soft leather. The jaws are long fine and powerful. It has a scissor bite. The tail is whip-like with a noticeable thinning after about 1/3 its length giving it a bony look. The legs are long and straight.
The dog needs plenty of freedom and space. Properly trained they make excellent guard dogs.

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Breeders' List

Mr.Prithviraj: True To Type Rajapalayam Puppies Available To Loving Show Homes. Date of birth 2.11.22 | 3 Female & 1 Male Puppy Available. Click here to view litter box. Contact: K.Prithviraj, 99944 55664
(Listing First Posted on 22nd February 2023. Renewable on 22nd February 2024) - Rajapalayam - Prithviraj
Keerthi: ALL PUPPIES BOOKED! No Puppies Available Now.
Keerthi Offers, Excellent Quality Native Indian Breed Rajapalayam Puppies, with excellent markings and bone structure. Parents KCI Registered. KCI Certificate and Microchip for Puppies readily available. Puppies are at Chennai. Could be sent to Metros after discussion. Click Here to See Litter Box, Photographs of Puppies, Parents and Pedigree details. Looking for Happy Homes. Rajapalayam Dogs are very good guard dogs and very loyal to the family. Please Contact: Keerthi: Ph: +91-8248261928, 9841536683
(Listing First Posted on 30th December 2020 - Renewable on 7th February 2023) - Rajapalayam - Keerthi
Wings Of Desire Kennel Presents Litter B. Excellent quality, purebred Rajapalyam puppies are offered from the top bloodlines, with show winning lines. Puppies are attractive, healthy, and heavy-boned. Puppies are dewormed, immunised, and KCI registered. Our dogs are bred not just for size and morphology, but also for refined temperament, attitude, and class. Puppies can be moved anywhere in India. Click here to view Litter Box. For more details contact: Gopikannan D. Mob: +91-9790004071; Prasanna Mob: +91-8248678458.
(Listing First Posted on 19th January 2024. Renewable on 19th January 2025)  Rajapalayam  Wings Of Desire
Dr. Ashok Offers Very Good Quality Rajapalyam puppies offered to Indian Breed Enthusiasts, For Guarding, Pet Homes and as Family Companion. Puppies are Healthy and being raised well. Puppies are De-Wormed and Vaccinated. KCI Registration applied for. Click here to see Litter Box, Photographs of Puppies and Parents. For more details contact:
Dr. Ashok: Mob: +91 9952729205.
(Listing First Posted on 21st June 2024. Renewable on 21st June 2025) - Rajapalayam - Dr. Ashok
MAG Kennels Native Breed of South India, Excellent Rajapalayam Puppies. KCI Registration Applied for. Well cared for, healthy. Conforming very well to standards, Excellent Watch dog and Companion, Loyal to the Family. Click Here to see Litter Box, Photographs of Puppies.
Puppies are available at Coimbatore (Tamilnadu).
Contact: +91 99620 04468.
(Listing First Posted on 6th July 2020 - Renewable on 2nd April 2022) - Rajapalayam - MAG Kennels
Raghlin's Kennels is glad to announce its new Excellent litter of Rajapalayam Puppies, Sired by Indian Champion and Line Up Winner: Winbro's Concords Cooper aka Tibu. Click here to see Litter Box, Photographs of Parents and Puppies. Puppies will be De-wormed and Vaccinated. They can be sent to most locations, after discussion. Contact:
R.Vijayaraghavan Raghlin's JRTs (Coimbatore, Tamilnadu)
(Listing First Posted on 29th December 2021 - Renewable on 29th December 2022)
Jack Russel Terrier (JRT) - Raghlin's JRTs - R.Vijayaraghavan
Daneland's Kennel Offers Rajapalayam Puppies, Conforming to High Standards, Carrying Championship Lines, And Multiple Line-up Winners' Bloodlines. KCI Registered, ready to go to their new homes. Rajapalayam is a Native Indian Breed, with characteristic White colour and Pink Nose. Excellent Guard of family and Property. Click Here to See Litter Box, Photographs of Puppies, Sire, Dam and KCI Pedigree details.
Contact: Rajan: (Tamilnadu): Mob: +91-80564-76052
(Listing First Posted on 28th March 2019 - Renewable on 28th March 2020) - Rajapalayam - Danelands Kennel (Rajan)
Lydian Kennels: KCI registered, Champion Bloodline, Healthy, Vaccinated Rajapalayam puppies available for show homes and pet homes. Sire: Multiple BOB Winner, Twice Best Indian Breed Winner and proudly stands at the height of 30"; Click here to view litter box. For more details contact: S.Ramanathn, Plot No 403, K.K.Nagar, Madurai-625020; Email: ; ; Cell: 09842181000.
(Listing Renewable on 26th February 2016)
Lushdale's Rajapalayam Litter. NO PUPPIES AVAILABLE NOW!
We are proud to announce our first litter of Rajapalayams from Lushdale Kennels. Puppies are heavy, well built, good temperament carrying the progenies of the famous Sire: Ch. Hundland's One in a Million aka Tom, Multiple BOB Winner and Group Winner X Dam: Vijichand's Annam aka Igloo. Our show prospective puppies were born on Dec 8th 2016 and are ready for new homes. They are de-wormed periodically, will be vaccinated and comes with a health record. Click here to see Litter Box, Pictures of Puppies, Sire, and Dam.
Contact. Tharani Tharan +91-9786886879
(Listing First Posted on 23rd January 2017. Renewable on 23rd January 2018) - Rajapalayam - Lushdale's Kennel - Tharani Tharan
Chanasya Kennels Offers KCI certified, good temperament, good quality Rajapalayam pups for sale. Click here to view litter box. People with real interest may contact: G.Sendhil Kumar, Samyukta Kennels, 21B, Perari Lane, Villivakkam, Chennai - 600 049. Phone: 9282172789.
(Listing Renewable on 23rd January 2015)
Hundland Kennels Proudly Presents An Excellent Well Bred Litter Of Show Quality Rajapalayam Puppies. Sire: Bpis, Ind Ch: Hundland's One In A Million (Multiple Line Up Winner); Dam: Hundland's Always First; 5 Males & 4 Females Are Available. Click here to view litter box. Contact: T.J.Arun Thangasamy, Ph: 099940-99885.
(Listing Renewable on 13th November 2013)
KCI Registered Rajapalayam Pups occasionally available. People with Genuine Interest Please Contact:
Karthikeyan: 0-9443039697