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This was once the exclusive property of the Chinese Royal Courts. According to the rules set by the Chinese Dowager Empress, Tzi Hsi, the Pekingese should have short bowed legs so that it cannot wander far, a ruff of fur around its neck to give it an aura of dignity, and selective taste buds so that it should appear dainty. It is a pleasing companion. Chinese legend has it that it is a result of the union of a lion and a monkey. Its profuse double coat conceals the bowed legs. It weighs 3 to 6 kgs and is 15-23 cms tall.

Right: Female Pekingese "Tini". Picture sent by Nidhi Bhardwaj, E-Mail:

Breeders' List

Sanjay Harry offers excellent quality Pekingese puppies for loving homes. Puppies are KCI registered. Date of birth June 1, 2019. Puppies are vaccinated up to date and de-wormed. Puppies can be Shipped to most locations in India. Click Here to See Litter Box, Photographs of Puppies, Sire and Dam.
Contact - Sanjay Harry (Bangalore) +91-9916172960 / 9036388786
(WhatsApp & Phonecalls)
(Listing First Posted on 8th July 2029 - Renewable on 8th July 2020) - Pekingese - Tailsmile Kennel - Sanjay Harry
Shabeer Offers Excellent Quality Pekingese Puppies Available to Loving Homes. Sired by KCI Champion. Will be duly vaccinated and de-wormed. The Pekingese is nowadays quite rare in India. Ideal for Apartment Life. Lovable and Intelligent. Click Here to See Litter Box, Photographs of Puppies, Sire and Dam
Please Contact: Shabeer (Coimbatore): +91-94443-06880 / 93448-12345
(Listing First Posted on 6th August 2017 - Renewable on 6th August 2018) - Pekingese - Shabeer