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Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff)

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This is one of Brazil's two native breeds. It is massive and daunting in appearance and wary of strangers. The long muzzle pendulous skin and superb ability to track make its bloodhound ancestry obvious. It has an ability to keep the quarry at bay until the hunter arrives rather than attack immediately. This ability was used during the days of Brazilian slavery when hapless fugitives were returned unharmed to the slave masters. Due to its size and potential for aggression it is banned in some countries. It weighs 4150 kgs and is about 61-76 cms tall. It comes in a variety of colours.

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Breeders' List

Fila Kennel presents Fila brasilerio puppies. We do selective breeding, pick male and females best of our knowledge and provide puppies with good state of mind and health. Below is example of such one. I believe in longevity and genuineness of the breed. Sire: Fila's Bold Ruler X Dam: Fila's Gold Bear. Click here to view Litter Box. For more details contact: Guhan Palanisamy, Fila Kennel, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. 9994988668
(Listing First Posted on 16th June 2023. Listing Renewable on 16th June 2024)  Fila Brasileiro  Guhan
Dr.Sayantan Patra announces a Dream Litter of Fila Brsileiro Puppies from High Quality Parents.
Sire: Astor, Son of Indian Champions "Bhatts Matt" aka Hulk. Sire's Height: 30", Weight: 80kg. Dam: Brown Gift, Daughter of Direct Brazil Import Parents. Dam's Height: 28", Weight: 72kg. 5 Puppies Available In The Litter. Cost of Transportation to be borne by buyer. Expect Puppies to be: Genetically Healthy (because of Totally Different Lineage), Physically Strong and Gigantic, Courageous Guards (Both Parents are Man Stoppers). Affectionate and Devoted to Family Members (As is the nature of Fila Brasilero). Click here to See Litter Box, Photographs of Puppies and Parents.
Contact: Dr.Sayantan Patra: +91-84363-51896 (West Bengal)
(Listing First Posted on 10th December 2021 - Renewable on 25th September 2024) - Fila Brasileiro - Dr.Sayantan Patra
Vijay Offers: Rare Breed, Fila Brasileiro. Hi Everyone. I have a pair of Fila Brasileiros from the world's best kennel. Sire is a Indian champion and the Dam will be shown in the coming season. Both my dogs are very attached to my family. Fila Brasileiros are one of the best guard dogs in the world. They are easy to maintain compared to other large breeds.Puppies available for loving homes. Please contact: Vijay (Coimbatore - Tamilnadu), +91-7708573333. Click Here to See Litter Box, Photographs and More Details
(Listing First Posted on 22nd January 2019 - Renewable on 22nd January 2020) - Fila Brasileiro - Vijay
Gopi Kanth takes pride in Housing Top Quality Fila Brasileiros (Brazilian Imports). The Filas are our Companions and Great Guard Dogs. Our Filas are brought up in a spacious home with care and love. Sire and Dam are KCI Registered and have an Impeccable Pedigree. We occasionally have puppies. Currently We Do Not Have Puppies For Sale. We will Post details when we have a Litter. Click Here to See Litter Box, Photographs of Sire and Dam. Contact: V.Gopi Kanth. Mobile:+91-9849256666

 (Listing First Posted on 16th July 2019 - Renewable on 16th July 2020) - Fila Brasileiro - Gopi Kanth
Bhat's Kennels, fanciers of Fila Brasileiro! We have a pair of Fila's. The male is a brindle dog and the female is a fawn. For more details please visit our home page . Those who are interested to own an absolute guard dog may contact us. Inquiries to: Mr.Balakkrushna Bhat.C.R. No.18, "Harshadhama" Sampoorna Avenue, Arcot Road, Chennai - 600026. Phone:+91-44-28267233, Mobile: +919840095506. Res: +91-44-24881313, Puppies Available Now!
Email: ,