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Mithran Watchdog Trainers

Mithran Watchdog Trainers are Certified, Insured professionals who are in the training business for past the 6 years.

We are located at Chennai, Tamil Nādu.

Our dog training includes multiple techniques such as Positive Reinforcement, Negative Punishment, Food Rewards etc.
We ensure to give a training in a disciplined way.

Dogs can be trained to be participate in the events, competitions with a healthy and good behavioral style.
We handle any kind of dogs which includes purebred and mixed breed.
We offer many training services to have our dog fit and strong and specialized in security manner to safeguard the beloved owners and their families.
We follow certain policies for Boarding and Training.

Please discuss with us the same over phone call and chat.
We assure to give our best with regards to our training and boarding.
About Us
Welcome to our world of Dog Training Journey. We are dedicated and focused dog trainers. In our training, dogs follow the commands, leash walk and stop bark. Our trainers are well versed in dog psychology and hence are able to quickly establish a good rapport and interact with the dog in a short time. Our training is not only limited to dogs, but we also share our thought process with owners to follow the same after our training session is completed, to handle the trained dogs with Care and Affection.

Dog training is not only about the obedience but also meant to have a better understanding of dogs and respect their needs. We train dogs as a group and 1-1 options as well.
Our Training techniques as below:
Clicker training,
Food-based training,
Punishment-based training.
Our trainers have completed their training in a professional way to handle dogs of all ages, sizes and also any type of breed.
We train dogs in the kennels, pet stores, grooming parlors or in their own space of work.
The reason to hire a dog trainer is to have your dog be a part of the service dog team.
Our trainers train the dog to get used to have verbal and non-verbal commands.
By hiring our trainers, you can be assured that your dog will be disciplined, obedient and follow the agility method.
Our training ialso involves socializing dogs with other dogs by rolling over and fetching.
Our training period varies from 2-8 Weeks based on the customer's need.
Our fee structure is also very reasonable to get trained and to get the best quality of service from our trainers.
Please Contact:
Chennai, Tamilnadu
A few Photographs for you - Dog Training - Mithran - Dog Training - Mithran - Dog Training - Mithran - Dog Training - Mithran - Dog Training - Mithran - Dog Training - Mithran - Dog Training - Mithran
Please Contact:
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Page Posted on 22nd February 2024