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Bernese Mountain Dog

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This is a working breed, trained to herd livestock and pull carts. It is easily trained and can be a sloppy affectionate giant. It has been bred for increased size and guarding ability. It originates from Berne in Switzerland and weighs between 40-44 kgs and is about 60-70 cms in height. 

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Breeders' List

Lasani's Bernese Mountain Dog: With an Imposing and Harmonious appearance, a long, soft coat, beautiful markings and expressive eyes the Bernese Loves the company of humans and is safe to have around children. The delightful Bernese is an ideal Companion. The breed a native of Switzerland. Sire: RH Bold Ruler X Dam: Lasani's Always Special. The Sire is imported the Dam is Bred in India, from Imported parents. For more details, please click here to Litter Box. Contact: Ms.Bubli Brar : +919888290001, E-Mail:
(Listing First Posted on 17th March 2023. Listin Renewable on 17th March 2024) - Bernese Mountain Dog - Lasani