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Litter Box of Rottweilers from Prithviraj

Prithviraj offers a robust litter of Rottweiler puppies from the following combination:

Sire: Multi Champion Istok Vom Schonen Kopf ADRK - Import from Greece.

Dam: Ramp Walk's Aaliya

For more details Please Contact:
K. Prithvi Raj
Mobile: +91-99944-55664

Puppies can be sent to Metro Cities

Scroll down to view Photographs of Puppies, Sire, Dam and Pedigree details

Photograph of Sire: Multi Champion Istok Vom Schonen Kopf ADRK - Rottweiler - Prithviraj - Rottweiler - Prithviraj
Photographs of Dam: Ramp Walk's Aaliya - Rottweiler - Prithviraj
Photographs of Puppies
Posted on 3rd March 2018
Puppy 1 - Female - Rottweiler - Prithviraj
Puppy 2 - Female - Rottweiler - Prithviraj
Puppy 3 - Female - Rottweiler - Prithviraj 
Puppy 4 - Female - Rottweiler - Prithviraj
Puppy 5 - Male - Rottweiler - Prithviraj
KCI Pedigree Certificate Copy of Dam - Rottweiler - Prithviraj
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Advertisement Updated on 3rd March 2018