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Litter Box of Rajapalayam Puppies from MAG Kennels
A Beautiful Rajapalayam Puppy
(Native Breed of South India)

Available to Rajapalayam Enthusiasts
The Rajapalayam is a Fearless Watchdog and Companion
Loyal to the Family
The breed is White in Colour with a Pink coloured nose
Puppy is almost 4 Months Old at the time of Advertisement

Puppy is available at Coimbatore
Since KCI Office was closed due to lockdown, Papers are yet to be applied for
Puppy has amazing Conformation and Excellent Features
+91 99620 04468
(Coimbatore - Tamilnadu)
Photographs of Puppy
Posted on 6th July 2020 - Rajapalayam - MAG Kennels - Rajapalayam - MAG Kennels
+91 99620 04468
(Coimbatore - Tamilnadu)
Advertisement Posted on 6th July 2020