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Litter Box of GSD Puppies from Kennel Ballack - Sivakumar
Kennel Ballack Offering a World Class GSD Litter, from pure German Bloodlines

Sire: Hunter
(Son of Duxo von der Burg Reichenstein)

Dam: Daughter of
Berry vom Queensburg (Best in Show line up winner)

German Quality Puppies

One Male and One Female

Puppies are Fully De-wormed and Vaccinated

Good Head and Dark Pigmented
Well Angualted

Date of Birth: 27th September 2019

KCI (Kennel Club of India) Registration papers, Microchip and Transfer Form will be given.

Vaccination & Diet Chart will also be provided

Scroll down to see Pictures of Puppies, Sire and Dam

To Book your puppy please contact
Kennel Ballack

Moblile: +91-8098310909 / +91-8072970181
Photographs of Puppies
Posted on 30th December 2019
Male Puppy - German Shepherd Dog - Siva 
Female Puppy - German Shepherd Dog - Siva
Photograph of Sire - German Shepherd Dog - Siva
Photograph of Dam - German Shepherd Dog - Siva
Moblile: +91-8098310909 / +91-8072970181
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