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Litter Box of Caravan Hounds from Zvani Sastra's Kennel

Zvani Sastra�s Kennel offers much awaited Litter of Caravan Hound Puppies.

Zvani Sastra�s much awaited litter of Caravan Hounds from the best of
working bloodlines are available for a few discerning homes.

Pups are healthy, have sound structure.
Pups are de-wormed, vaccinated, socialized in a home environment, micro-chipped and comes with KCI certificates.

Both parents have excellent temperament and health.

Pups were born on 23rd May 2015 and are ready to go to good homes.

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Mr. Deepak Parameswaran Mobile: +91 91766 22522
Mr.Debashish Das Mobile: +91 85828 42523
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Sire (Bungy) - Caravan Hounds
Dam (Jania - aka Sulla) - Caravan Hounds
Puppy Pictures
Male Puppy 1 - Caravan Hound
Male Puppy 2 - Caravan Hound
Male Puppy 3 - Caravan Hound
Female Puppy 1 - Caravan Hound
Female Puppy 2 - Caravan Hound
Female Puppy 3 - Caravan Hound
Female Puppy 4 - Caravan Hound
The Caravan Hound - Our experience
Caravan Hounds are a special breed in more ways than one. A lot is said about the phenotypes � the length, breadth and heights of Caravans, but to me personally all this reveals so little about what they are intrinsically made up of. The popular adage �Caravan Hound owns you, you cannot own a Caravan Hound�, can be realized only when you live with them. Caravan Hounds are intensely loyal, affectionate, warm and adaptive to the homes / people who raise them. Caravan Hounds can survive with the least of comforts, thanks to the evolution; they are a sturdy breed, needing minimalistic intervention from the pet owners on food, environment and living conditions. With the right exercise and handling, they can thrive and excel in all living environments � homes, farms to hunting grounds to name a few and can weather any rough and tumble with ease.
To me, they bring a karmic sense with their dispositions. They love intensely, yet are strikingly independent; kind with children and the family while being unrelenting hunters; they epitomize free-spiritedness but collaborate intensively when the situation demands are few traits of a Caravan that you can never miss!
Page Posted on 4th August 2015
Page Updated on 4th August 2015