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Litter Box Of Cane Corso Puppies From Anil Oza

Cane Corso Italiano (Roman Molosser)

Announcement of 1st litter of excellent, world class, show quality rare Cane Corso puppies from Imported Champion Bloodlines. Own a fierce, Intelligent guardian and an obedient, affectionate gentle giant, a breed used by Romans for war and wild game.

Brief History
The ancestor is the "Canis Pugnax" the old Roman Molosser of which he is the light version employed in the hunting of large wild game and also as an warrior in battles. For years he has been a precious companion of Italic population, as a property and personal guard dog. And used for hunting purposes too, he is known as the "only true coursing mastiff". In the past this breed was popular all over Italy as an ample iconography and historiography testify. His name derives from the latin "Cohors" which means "Guardian" and "Protector" and in southern Italy "Corsus" is an ancient adjective meaning "Strong and Rustic".

General Appearance
Noble, majestic, and powerful in presence, this medium-big size dog ,strongly built but elegant ,with powerful long muscles , heavy boned is very distinguished, he expresses strength , agility and endurance.

Intelligent, active and even-minded, he is an unequaled watch and protection dog. Docile and affectionate with the owner, loving with children and family. If necessary he becomes a terrible and brave protector of people, house and property. The Cane Corsos are easily trained and are light shedders which make grooming simple.

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Litter born on 24th December 2016

Zyana's Warrior (Serbian Import)

Patra Dess (German Import)

Puppies are healthy, heavy boned, de-wormed, vaccinated and KCI certified.

For Details of Pedigree, Breed and Pups Contact:
Anil Oza
22/3 Kanchan Bagh Main Road, Indore 1 (M.P.)
Mob: 0-94250-45656, 0-89890-45656
Photographs of Puppies will be posted soon
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Pedigree Of The Sire
Pedigree Of The Dam
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