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A Y A K R R I S  K9  H O S T E L

Specializing in the care of dogs with individual love and attention, we pride ourselves on quality pet care. The owner, Mr. M.Chellakani, (Rtd. Deputy Registrar) owns and loves several dogs such as bullmastiffs, pugs, miniature schnauzers and bulldogs. Additionally, he has seven years in breeding these breeds and maintaining the kennels.

While you are on holidays, your pet deserves a holiday as well. All our boarders are given the same care we would expect for our own pets, and while "there is no place like home", we endeavour to give your pet a stress-free and happy stay. For the dogs, this includes daily walks in our grassy paddocks.

Our kennel is situated in a pollution free area, in the midst of our paddy fields; the kennels are surrounded by trees, and are constructed in hut type as we strongly believe that it gives a cool accommodation which is most suited for our Indian weather conditions. The dogs can have a resort like stay in our premises.  You can reach us in an hour drive from Chennai. 

  • Fully licensed by the local authority

  • Air-conditioned kennels also available for toy breeds.

  • All diets catered for (within reason)

  • 2 walks daily in our grassy paddock for the dogs *

  • All animals covered by Pet Plan insurance

  • Long or short-term boarding available

  • Personal attention assured



Small dogs

Rs. 150/Day

Medium & Large Dogs

Rs. 200/Day






All fees are payable on arrival. We charge for day in and day out.

Your dog�s kennel will be available for your use from 8:30 am on your arrival day until 6:00 pm on your day of departure.

Dogs not collected by 6:00 pm will be subject to a charge of one extra day's boarding.

The full boarding fees for the total period of stay should be paid in advance at the time of arrival.

We reserve the right to revise our prices when necessary.

All prices quoted will be at the rate prevailing at time of booking.

All prices charged will be at the rate prevailing at the time of boarding.



All dogs will be fed on pedigree dog food, in case of non availability of dry food, chicken and rice will be fed.

If the dog owner insists on a different diet other than as said by us, the dog owner should provide his dog�s feed at the time of drop off.

No discount will be provided in the fees for this matter.


All dogs must be fully inoculated against

  1. Distemper,

  2. Hepatitis,

  3. Leptospirosis,

  4. Parvovirus,

  5. Para influenza and

  6. Rabies and must have had a booster injection within the previous twelve months.

  7. All dogs must be de-wormed at least one month before boarding.

  8. Dogs should be free from Canine Infectious Bronchitis (Kennel Cough)


Other important conditions: 

  1. The Dogs must be in good physical condition and must be free of fleas and ticks and must have a bath before arrival.

  2. The Dogs must have a stable temperament.
    We do not give credits for early returns; you must pay for the period booked.

  3. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times when dropping off or collecting.
    All bills must be settled before the dog is returned to the owner.

  4. Customers who wish to view the kennels can do so at a mutually convenient time. 

  5. All baskets, bowls etc. will be provided by Ayakrris Kennels. 

  6. Bedding brought in by customers may not be used in the interests of hygiene. 

  7. The dogs are cared for by experienced staff and their comfort is important to us so please do not be offended if your bedding is refused.

  8. Strictly no dogs will be admitted without the production of an up to date vaccination certificate. 

  9. This will be for the usual annual boosters and also for kennel cough. 

  10. More than 2 dogs being booked in by one owner requires a 10% deposit on booking.

  11. If your dog is uncomfortable in our premises and with us, the owner will be informed immediately and he/she should collect the dog within 24hours.In this case the charges will be only for the days of the dog�s stay in our kennel.

  12. In case of any emergencies/causalities, our kennel vetenarian will be called to attend, the owner will also be informed and he/she or any of his/her representatives should arrive within 3 hours with the pet�s vetenarian.

  13. All veterinary costs, at the time of service, while the Dog is in our care should be paid by the dog owner.

  14. While all due diligence shall be maintained in the care of the Dog, the kennel owners shall not be liable for death, illness, nor any losses or damages irregardless of how incurred.

  15. If the stay of the dog is to be extended, the owner should inform 3days in advance and should inform the period of the extension the dog�s stay.

  16. We are not responsible for any accidental loss of life of the pet.

  17. The dog owner should provide the complete details in the application form and should sign it at the time of dropping his dog.

  18. Without the completion of the application form, dogs will not be accepted.

  19. Dog owner�s who does not agree with our terms and conditions, their dogs will not be accepted at any cost.

  20. Pick and drop facility will be arranged on request by a pet carrier at the dog owner�s cost. The charges will be the actual pet carrier�s charges.

  21. In the event of an animal not being collected or boarding fees not being paid, the proprietor may dispose of the animal concerned after giving 14 days notice to the owner, or his representative at their last known address.

  22. We also like to say that dogs have chances of loosing weight due to home sickness.


Please note:

  • We do not take bookings by email.

  • All bookings must be made by telephone and availability confirmed verbally by a member of our staff.

  • We do not accept credit card payments and post dated cheque payments.

  • Ayakrris kennels reserves the rights to accept or reject any dog without giving any reason.

 Contact for more details:  
Cyrus David


(0) 9894029911,